Thursday, May 31, 2012

reality check

If you thinking having Monday off makes you confused about what day it is in a week, try having Tuesday off too. And, right about now you're thinking "boo hoo, it must have been awful to have a 6-day weekend." But back to my point, I was home Tuesday—the hottest day so far this year (don't quote me on that). Without AC, my house was sweltering. I actually contemplated going to the office just for relief from the 90-degree temps. If you can't tell from my whining, I'm not a fan of the heat and either are the animals (except for Monkey who is a heat whore). If it wasn't for the occasional bug in the basement, I'd be sleeping downstairs with Basement Cat, who has the coolest spot in the house. Thankfully, a thunderstorm rolled in and brought cooler temps. But that one day, made me dread July and August...

I'm definitely using a few bucks from tomorrow's paycheck to buy Pooch a Kool Collar. (And at this point, Kool Collar should pay be for how many times I've mentioned them on this blog!)

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