Saturday, May 19, 2012

nagging feeling

Stopped at a light on the way home from yoga today, I saw a dog wandering down the sidewalk on his own. I could see he had a collar with tags. I contemplated pulling over to see where he belonged but the logistics of crossing three lanes of traffic so I could get in the opposite direction seemed too much of a hassle. I'm disappointed in my decision and I've had a nagging feeling about it all day.

I've helped many lost or stray animals. The two stray cats that found their way to my door became part of our family. Olga, the German Shepard, that Chris and I found exhausted and covered in mud wandering down a dangerous highway. Frankie, the pudgy Chihuahua, I found a few weeks ago while running. The two labs that I chased through Baltimore after my sister and I saw one of them get hit by a car. (Unfortunately, they were too fast for me and I lost them. I hope they found their way home.)

When helping those animals, the inconvenience-factor never occurred to me. I hope it never does again. To the doggie I saw wandering today, I hope you made it home safely.

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